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tv   France 24 AM News  LINKTV  March 25, 2014 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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>> the search for the missing malaysia airplane is on hold due to bad weather after authorities announced monday all lives on board had been lost. the g-8 group of developed nations shot rush out over the crisis in ukraine. ministeran foreign calls it no tragedy. cairo.rial in the head of the muslim 700herhood is in court with others on charges of sabotage and murder.
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on monday, 500 brotherhood members were sentenced to death. ."u are watching "france 24 the search for missing malaysia airlines flight mh370 is on hold. yesterday, the malaysian prime minister said the missing jetliner crashed into the water. it is devastating news for families who are desperate for answers and angry with what they are hearing. malaysia's prime minister declared no survivors, relatives protested, demanding a better answer. >> we do not trust what they say. i believe our families are still alive. >> all they have told us is lies.
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lumpur, they are except in the aircraft had been lost at sea. they came under fire for sending text messages to inform the families of the probable fate. ensureintention was to the families heard the tragic news before the world did , a last resort. >> the company promised to continue helping family members financially. two and a half weeks after he disappeared, the mystery surrounding malaysian airlines being mh370 is still told. it is in one of the most
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accessible places on earth. search and recovery operations have been suspended because of debris has and no been identified. be ang blackboxes will needle in a haystack task. >> malaysian authorities are ready to give another press briefing in a few moments time and we will carry that live. the g-8 meeting of developed nations was meant to be held this june in russia but moscow has been frozen out of the group because of its annexation of crimea. the g7 has moved the meeting to brussels and is warning russia could face tougher sanctions if they take further actions to destabilize ukraine. we have more on how much the sanctions might hurt russia's economy. >> the g7, not g-8, meeting
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without russia, discussing ways to deepen international isolation. both the u.s. and the eu have introduced sanctions. , the u.s.,ntries canada, france, the u.k., germany, italy, and japan have threatened to move up a gear, and take on key sectors of russia's economy. the banking and arms sector would be targeted in a bid to hit moscow where it hurts most. crude oil represents 70% of and 40% of revenues the stock exchange is held by foreign investors. russia exports 27% of the worlds weapons. new sanctions would affect europeans more than americans.
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the eu does 10 times as much of the unitedsia states. they will work on reducing dependence on oil and gas. >> to ukraine has pulled troops and their families out of crimea, admitting defeat in the showdown with russian forces. thousands of troops had remained holed up. >> pulling out -- these ukrainian marines are leaving crimea. the news comes as a relief to some of the soldiers. >> i can tell you that for the last month, all of us, and most of all, our commander who is unfortunately staying behind, we were all like coiled springs. now i hope we can finally relax
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a bit. weeks, thousands of ukrainian troops have been crimea, on basis in offering no armed resistance, but refusing to surrender. with all military installations in the region under russian bowed to reality on the ground and ordered an evacuation. >> the ukrainian national security council has decided to acknowledge as a rational step relocating military units and divisions of the ukrainian military and law enforcement agencies from the temporarily occupied autonomous republic of crimea to other parts of ukraine . >> with crimea now firmly in its defensep, russia's minister arrived in the annexed
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region to meet local politicians and army officials. around half of the officers have now defected to moscow. >> in the latest from the ukraine, the defense minister offered his resignation which was promptly rejected from the ukrainian parliament. a new report from the world health organization says the single biggest health risk in the world is pollution. the who says the risk from indoor and outdoor pollution is greater than originally thought. it has been linked to 7 million deaths in 2012. heart disease, strokes, and cancer deaths have all been linked to dirty air. the world health organization says cleaner air policies could save millions of lives. next, to egypt, the leader of the muslim brotherhood is in court.
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charged along with 700 defendants. it comes one day after over 500 of the brotherhood members were sentenced to death. we have more on reaction to the verdict. fair amount been a of shock as well as criticism of the verdict, but some people in justified because it might be a harsh sentence, but it will deter people from committing acts of violence. amnesty international described an exampletesque and of a shortcoming of the justice system. an outcry from human rights activists saying it was not a fair trial, but a political verdict, and part of a crackdown on the muslim brotherhood, and it proves the judiciary has become deeply politicized and not independent.
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that was denied by egypt's foreign ministry. legal experts say defendants rights.ied basic they were also barred from the court when the verdict was given. defense lawyers say they will lodge an appeal by the end of this week. to south africa, with the latest on the trial of oscar pistorius. cell phone text messages sent between the paralympic in and girlfriend were read in court. in one, reeva steenkamp said oscar pistorius "scared her." he has pleaded not guilty, insisting he mistook reeva steenkamp for an intruder. in afghanistan, the home of a beendential candidate has
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attacked. the candate was not home at the time. he is a former world bank powerfulwho picked a former warlord as his running mate. there were no casualties in the attack. rescue workers in the u.s. state of washington a continuing their search for survivors from that devastating mudslides this weekend. at least 14 people have died with more than 100 unaccounted for. have been working around-the-clock to pick through the wreckage that hit one hour northeast of seattle. >> a massive landslide that swept through a small riverside community in the u.s.'s northwestern state of washington. scores of life were claimed by the fast-moving earth. >> i saw darkness, like somebody wanted to grab you, and everything was gone in three seconds.
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>> after a weekend of searching through difficult terrain, more than 100 remain unaccounted for. >> we have technical rescue teams. they have electronic equipment they can use to probe the ground and we will be working very hard. also, the washington state department of transportation will work to clear mud out of the way to search the areas. >> authorities say the landslide happened after days of heavy rain. an embankment gave away saturday morning, washing away homes with thick mud. rescue teams were forced to suspend operations due to the quicksand nature of the mud. as the search continues, weather forecasters warned the area could face another deluge in the coming days. the evil of virus that has already claimed 60
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turns out itca, it might have spread to canada. a man returning home from liberia is ill after symptoms bolaistent with the e. virus. his family in saskatchewan has been put in corinth -- quarantine. canadian officials have said the risk to the public is low. let's look at the situation in guinea, where close to 60 people have already died from the e. b ola virus. >> this is where the first case was discovered in january. since then, the epidemic has killed dozens of people. members of his family were among .he first victims he lost eight people, including his pregnant wife. >> i have no family anymore now.
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wife, eight people died. it is finished now. >> many have been quarantined while a center to house the sake nears completion. isolating suspected cases is one way to deal with the virus. it is transmitted among wild animals and spread among humans in close contact. maxing. no known cure symptoms include fever, bleeding, and diarrhea. >> we do not have supplies for production. we are short of workers and plies. >> -- supplies. >> the government is on high alert. in partnership with doctors without borders they are informing the public. >> we are establishing surveillance parameters. we are explaining what health
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and nutrition measures they must take. this concerns food, animals, and clothing so that the virus can be contained. >> for the moment the government says the ebola outbreak has not reached neighboring countries, but they are on high alert. >> let's go to kuala lumpur for the latest s conference from malaysian authorities on the fate of missing flight mh370 and the 239 people on board. >> the challenge is now primarily technical. because the scale of the investigation is much more complex, the release of will bel information handled. [indiscernible]
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as -- have risen. we continued to work closely with our friends and partners. [indiscernible] [indiscernible] , itrding to new analysis mh370 ended in the south indian ocean. [indiscernible] is technical in nature, and i will give you the best information i can to answer questions.
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we will be providing this information at the end of this press conference. accept questions. [indiscernible] a technique considers the velocity of the aircraft. [indiscernible]
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[indiscernible] depending on the location of the aircraft, the direction of travel and speed. information was obtained from six other aircraft flying on the same day. mh370 transmitted several messages. it is possible to monitor system characteristics of the aircraft. during the flight, the ground transmitter at
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each check. [indiscernible] analysis showed correlation with the northern corridor. thes impossible to estimate last check which the was made. evidence of a [indiscernible] time, it is subject to further ongoing work.
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[indiscernible] some time between utc and 00150, the aircraft was able to communicate. further study will determine the final relation. [indiscernible] specializing in aircraft performance will take this forward. i describedysis
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to saynvincing enough the last position was in the .iddle of the indian ocean is the current status. this type of analysis is never been done in an in dash unit investigation of -- in an investigation of this sort. an international investigation team will continue. information. the search and rescue operation [indiscernible]
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they are now located in the southern part in an area covering 469,000 square nautical .iles currently using the methods that i mentioned to gather information from surveillance, analysis of surveillance-related data, and increasing the number of technical experts. [indiscernible]
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six ships are currently in the search area, the last known position. the success is included. [indiscernible] the locator is due to survive -- arrived.
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-- new analysis has focused our efforts on the southern part. hard, but itbly renews our commitment to our investigation. thank you. ladies and gentlemen, questions. [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible]
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last knownht's is in the middle of the southern indian ocean. [indiscernible] area -- [indiscernible]
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for anyone to survive that long is extremely low. generalve [indiscernible] tax questions. >>ld you please -- questions. would you please stand up? >> [indiscernible] >> you are watching "france 24," listening to the malaysian authorities giving the latest press conference on the missing malaysia airline that has been missing for now 18 days with 239
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people on board. we are getting a lot of technical information from the press conference for we understand they are narrowing the search, concentrating on the the search, concentrating on the areaóñógg99ññwçça7gucs4ç!
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